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JD Electrical Same Day Electrician


JD Electrical Australia provide the following services:

  • Additional Power Points
  • Shop Fitouts & Felocations
  • Office Fitout & Relocations
  • Rewires & Renovation
  • Safety Switch Installation & Testing

  • Smoke Alarms
  • Phone, Data & TV Points
  • 3 Phase Cabling & Wiring
  • Stove & Hot Water Repairs
  • Air-Conditioning Servicing & Installation

  • Safety Testing & Tags
  • Switchboard Upgrades
  • Mains Upgrades
  • Rental Properties Maintenance
  • Lighting & Surge Protection

Heat Light Fan

heat light

These are designed to give comfort in bathroom in winter months. The unit also has exhaust fan to clear the mist while having shower with hot water. The unit can be just used as light as well. The combination unit is designed so that it looks tidy in the bathrooms and serves multiple purpose.

These units are installed with three switches and they are labelled as heat light and fan. This gives liberty on user to turn on either light or heat lamps or just exhaust fan.

The Heat light Fan units are used all around the year and normally heat lamps are used in winter months to keep warm after getting out of shower and towelling.

There are many brands available and it is available in 2 heat lamps or four heat lamps. The units with 4 heat lamps have two switches controlling two heat lamps each.

JD Electrical Australia can supply and install the unit or can install only if the unit is supplied by the customer. It is a must in modern homes.

Safety Switches

saves lives and current legislation requires all the circuits to be fitted with safety switch.

JD Electrical Australia can supply and install safety switches to existing switchboards and also upgrade boards to meet the current legislation requirements. Its matter of safety and it is highly recommended that safety switches are installed on all the circuits.

Owners of domestic rental accommodation in Queensland must have a safety switch installed in their rental properties if one is not fitted.


If your rental property does not have a safety switch installed, you must arrange installation by a licensed electrician.

If a safety switch is not installed in your rental property you may get fines of up to $1,500.

The safety switch must be installed by a licensed electrical contractor.


The regulations ensure people in domestic rental properties have the same protection from electric shock that homeowners have. The law now requires the installation of safety switches within three months of the sale of a domestic residence constructed prior to 1992.

If you do not believe a safety switch is installed at your rental property you can:

  • talk to your landlord or rental agent

  • call us on 1300 362 128.

Split Air Conditioning Systems

Air Conditioners

Queensland has very hot summer and thus almost every modern homes and new builds have Air Conditioning installed either the central ducted system or split system. The reverse cycle is popular due to their usage as it can be used for heating as well. The Air Conditioners also have inverters and they have variable motor speed to suit the condition therefore cheaper to run. The energy rating on the systems are marked and most of them have good rating usually four and above. More stars mean more energy efficient .

Best Air Conditioning 1

JD Electrical Australia can supply and install the Air Conditioners or can install the Air Conditioners supplied by the customer. The scope also includes removal of the old system and replacing with new.

Ceiling Fans

work great in autumn and spring months when you have moderate weather and want to move the air for comfort.

The ceiling fans are available in many designs and most of them are cheap to run. The ceiling fans work great when you off to bed and you just want nice and quiet breeze. The designs vary and ceiling fans can be bought to match the house design. There are also some colour option available.

The ceiling fans are also available with the light attachment. It normally replaces the lights in bedrooms and used as fan and light combination. The fan light together looks neater in bedrooms compared to separate light and fan.

JD Electrical Australia can supply and install ceiling fan or ceiling fan with light. In most cases it is straight forward installation where the existing lights need replace with fan with light. We run extra cable for switching the fan and replace the existing switch with fan controller and switch on the same plate.

It gets tricky for installation where we are unable to run cable because on accessibility issues in roof cavity. Mostly two storey homes and apartments have no access into the ceiling space due to their construction structure. We install ceiling fan with the light and install remote control receiver in the canopy of the ceiling fan and use remote to control light and fan individually.

Solar Power

How do Solar Panels Work?

The basic premise of solar panels stems from the utilisation of photovoltaic cells in order to produce an electrical current through the transferring of energy from light. (Gil Knier, 2008) Select materials, usually silicon, gallium arsenide, metal chalcogenides and organometallics, exhibit the photoelectric effect. (Gelest, N.D.) The photoelectric effect is the phenomenon when electrically charged particles (photons) from radiation (light on the electromagnetic spectrum). (Erik Gregersen, N.D.) The solar panel itself consist of an array, with modules and cells. The array is the whole panel itself which consist of modules. Modules consist of a number of cells, usually 12 cells, to produce 12 volts per module.

The panels themselves are then put together with an inverter which connects to the switchboard within the home. This provides power into the home and excess power is put back into the electrical network.

(Source: Clean Energy Council, N.D.)
The power put back into the network can in turn generate money to be put back into the pocket of the consumer.

Solar energy

How much would Solar Panels save me?

Solar is a cost-efficient method in reducing the cost of your electricity bill by offsetting the energy usage from the grid to your personal generation through solar panels. Current legislation allows for users of renewable energy to be rebated an amount dependent on their energy provider. (more information on The amount of rebate you are liable for can be found using the Australian Government EnergyMadeEasy website;

On average a household uses 6.1 Megawatt-hours a year (Queensland Government, 2018) which can be completely offset with a 4.0 kW system producing 16.8kWh daily in Brisbane. (Clean Energy Council) In turn this produces 6.132MWh per year.

Are Solar Panels good for the Environment?

Overall solar energy has no direct Green House Gas emissions from its energy generation, however the production of the materials of solar panels are energy intensive. (Jeremy Moss et al, 2014) Comparatively, energy generation between solar panels and fossil fuels like coal and gas are simply cleaner under solar panels with a study conducted in 2008 producing the following findings.

(Source: Akella et al, 2008)
Overall solar energy generation is almost a 10 th in terms of carbon dioxide and a much lesser fraction of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. However, as the environmental impact is largely associated with the production of solar panels, longevity of the panels decreases the environmental impacts significantly.

Solar energy 3
Solar energy 02
solar energy 04

Smoke Alarms

What is a photoelectric smoke alarm?

A Photoelectric smoke alarm contains a photo cell and a light beam that shines away from the cell. As soon as the smoke enters the test chamber, some of the light is dispersed by the smoke particles and strikes the cell, which triggers the alarm. They respond to a wide range of fires but are especially susceptible to smouldering fires and dense smoke emitted by foam-filled furnishings or burnt PVC wiring. A few advantages of photoelectric smoke alarms is that they are not as prone to cooking nuisance alarms and contain no radioactive


What is the purpose of a smoke alarm?

If a fire starts, the fumes emitted can overwhelm you. The purpose of smoke alarms is to detect smoke and provide an early warning. With interconnected alarms, the warning will be triggered no matter where you are, or where the fire starts. This is especially useful when you are asleep, as your sense of smell weakens.

Types of Photoelectric Alarms

Hardwired 240v

A hardwired smoke alarm is connected to the mains power and has a battery back-up. The battery back-up works if the power fails.

The battery back-up must work under normal operating conditions as follows:

  • non-rechargeable batteries = 1 year
  • rechargeable batteries = 72 hours (charged by mains power while in the alarm)

Note that hardwired smoke alarms must only be installed by a licenced electrical contractor in accordance with the Queensland Electricity Safety Act.

Battery Powered

The battery must be non-removable and provide power to the smoke alarm for at least 10 years without being recharged.

How do I keep my smoke alarms working?

If cooking sets off the smoke alarm, do not disable it. Turn on the rangehood/exhaust fan, open a window or wave a handtowel near the smoke alarm until it stops beeping. Use the hush button if the smoke alarm has it. If issues persist, consider relocating the smoke alarm.

Every month check the smoke alarm by pressing the test button. If you cannot reach the button, use a long object such as a broom handle.

Replace the back-up battery on hardwired alarms:

  • rechargeable batteries – refer to manufacturer specifications
  • non-rechargeable – replace once every year.

Most alarms will emit a short ‘BEEP’ when the batteries are low. This is a reminder to replace the battery.

Smoke alarms must never be painted.

When do I need to replace my alarm?

Smoke alarms have a limited lifespan of 10 years (under normal use conditions). They should be replaced before to the expiry date stated by the manufacturer.

For 10-year,non-removable, battery smoke alarms, the entire smoke alarm must be replaced after 10 years.

Specialty smoke alarms are also available, including those for deaf and hearing-impaired people.


When it is time for your smoke alarms to be upgraded, those alarms must:

  • be photoelectric and abide with Australian Standard 3786-2014
  • be less than 10 years old
  • operate when tested
  • be interconnected with every other smoke alarm so that they all activate together.

Any existing smoke alarm being replaced from 1 January 2017 must be photoelectric and must comply with Australian Standard 3786-2014.

If the smoke alarm is hardwired it must be replaced with a hardwired photoelectric smoke alarm.

It is possible to have a combination of smoke alarms (mains powered, and battery operated) and so long as they can be interconnected.

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