To reset your safety switch after it has tripped, first unplug all appliances from their power points. Flick the safety switch, and then plug each appliance in one at a time, making sure the circuit remains on. The appliance which trips the safety switch will be the faulty appliance,and should be isolated to restore the power.
Firstly, check that there are no leaks in the system or water is not automatically filling in the tank. If this is ok, then it’s likely that the thermostat or the element needs replacing, so call us to take care of it for you.
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There could be a block in the condensation drain, if not, it’s time to get a service urgently. We recommend that air conditioners are serviced at least once a year.

If it is beeping at regular intervals, then the backup battery needs replacing. Smoke alarms save lives, so make sure to call us to a 12-month testing and maintenance.

The likely cause is that the inverter has failed, and your solar power system isn’t working. If that is the case, the inverter will need replacing.
If your fan is working on one speed only, and almost stops on the other speeds, the likely problem is with the capacitor in the fan controller or motor. Check if it is more economical to replace rather than repair.
Yes we do – make sure to get in touch for more information.