heat light

These are designed to give comfort in bathroom in winter months. The unit also has exhaust fan to clear the mist while having shower with hot water. The unit can be just used as light as well. The combination unit is designed so that it looks tidy in the bathrooms and serves multiple purpose.

These units are installed with three switches and they are labelled as heat light and fan. This gives liberty on user to turn on either light or heat lamps or just exhaust fan.

The Heat light Fan units are used all around the year and normally heat lamps are used in winter months to keep warm after getting out of shower and towelling.

There are many brands available and it is available in 2 heat lamps or four heat lamps. The units with 4 heat lamps have two switches controlling two heat lamps each.

JD Electrical Australia can supply and install the unit or can install only if the unit is supplied by the customer. It is a must in modern homes.