work great in autumn and spring months when you have moderate weather and want to move the air for comfort.

The ceiling fans are available in many designs and most of them are cheap to run. The ceiling fans work great when you off to bed and you just want nice and quiet breeze. The designs vary and ceiling fans can be bought to match the house design. There are also some colour option available.

The ceiling fans are also available with the light attachment. It normally replaces the lights in bedrooms and used as fan and light combination. The fan light together looks neater in bedrooms compared to separate light and fan.

JD Electrical Australia can supply and install ceiling fan or ceiling fan with light. In most cases it is straight forward installation where the existing lights need replace with fan with light. We run extra cable for switching the fan and replace the existing switch with fan controller and switch on the same plate.

It gets tricky for installation where we are unable to run cable because on accessibility issues in roof cavity. Mostly two storey homes and apartments have no access into the ceiling space due to their construction structure. We install ceiling fan with the light and install remote control receiver in the canopy of the ceiling fan and use remote to control light and fan individually.